Voiceovers for Explainer and Marketing Videos

Sue's voice has been used on thousands of videos for Australian businesses, with many different styles - from fun and bubbly, to solemn, to a mum next door, to corporate narration.

Engaging, friendly, whatever you need, she can do it with a great natural style.

When you get a voiceover from Sue, you'll get quality work you can trust, with a quick turnaround during Sydney business hours.

She has produced more more than 3000 voiceover projects over the last few years, so its fair to say she knows what it takes to make a great voiceover for your business.

Some of the companies that have used Sue's voice for their videos include:

  • Bluescope
  • Fly Pelican
  • Bounty Rewards
  • Cricket Australia
  • Matchmaster
  • Bidding for Good
  • Batteroo Boost
  • WA Fresh Delivered
  • Flinders University
  • Dermavive
  • Bar Books Australia
  • and MANY more!

Corporate / Professional video voiceover examples:

Certain products require a professional or corporate read to suit the audience. Corporate narrations generally feature a more professional/mature style of voiceover with clearly enunciated words.

Friendly professional video voiceover examples:

Natural/Relatable/Upbeat voiceover examples: