Phone and Telephony Work


Voiceovers for Phone Systems

Whether you need a phone greeting or voicemail message, full corporate IVR or on hold messages mixed with music, Sue can be the professional voice of your business.

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Custom On hold messaging with music


Listen to samples of copyright free music tracks for on hold messages


Pre-recorded Music on Hold Loops

Music on Hold Phone Loop to Suit Any Business

On hold music and messages are often the first impression your customers may have of your business. Don't stick with the annoying default chimes or worse, silence when you put them on hold!

These unbranded, pre-recorded music on hold loops, are a great value alternative to custom messages, while still leaving your customers with a positive impression of your business!

Each loop is three minutes long and has a short message every 20-25 seconds with statements such as:

  • thanks for your patience - we won't be long now
  • we appreciate you holding and will be with you soon

They are suitable for any business, as they are generic, with no specific business name or branding and over 20 copyright free music options are available. No further licensing is required for this music on hold, just this one off purchase.

Choose from a bubbly/friendly message style or a professional/corporate style to suit your business.

Listen to samples of each music track/message voice options here.

Each track is available in 6 different file formats, to ensure it plays on all phone systems. 

Placing callers on hold isn't ideal, but when you have to, playing music with reassuring messages that you'll be with them soon, can help that time on hold pass quickly and keep their perception of your business a positive one!

If you prefer an hold message customised to your business, that is no problem, just get in touch with Sue here for a quote.