Voiceovers for eLearning and Training

When you are producing an eLearning, instructional or training project, it will give you a lot of peace of mind to work with a voiceover artist who understands your needs.

Whether you need a corporate professional sound for compliance and workplace education or a friendlier style for employee inductions or software training, Sue will turn around quality audio files quickly.

Sue has produced many eLearning projects over the last few years, from small individual modules, right through to complex training programs with hours of content. 

Companies that have used Sue's voice for their training and elearning narration include:

  • Thermomix
  • AMP
  • Australian National University
  • Class Super
  • AGL
  • Beyond Blue
  • Woodside
  • AHRECS (Australiasian Human Research Ethics Consultancy Services)
  • Matchmaster
  • Brisbane City Council
  • Drug and Alcohol Services Australia
  • Australia Post
  • Vocus Communications
  • Bar Books Australia

Corporate eLearning / Training voiceover

Some situations require a formal or corporate style or narration, such as compliance and certain workplace training videos. Corporate narrations generally feature a more professional/mature style of voiceover with clearly enunciated words.

Please listen to my corporate demo below for some short examples of this style.

Friendly Professional eLearning / Training voiceover

A friendly professional narration is the most commonly used style of voiceover I engage for training and eLearning programs for business. The style still has a professional tone, but is more relaxed and friendly than a formal corporate style.

This style is perfect for software demonstrations and training, website walkthroughs, employee inductions, workplace training etc



Casual eLearning / Training voiceover

Certain brands and training styles, need a more laid back and casual voiceover performance, to ensure they are relatable and engaging to the end audience. Generally the script will also reflect this, with more casual and conversational language used.

Please listen to some examples of relaxed and casual eLearning voiceovers below.