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Business Coaching on Demand

Get help as and when you need it.

If you are ready to make big changes in your business, I believe my high impact program, 100 Days to a Better business is a great choice. You will see results FAST and be fully supported in your business through weekly meetings, unlimited email support and more.

Sometimes however, you need help in your business, but you're not quite ready for the immersive work of a coaching program, or you need short term support, which is where coaching on demand will suit perfectly.

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Book a complimentary strategy call to chat about your business.

Are you in any of the following situations?

  • You love the idea of 100 Days to a Better Business, but you want to check out my coaching style before joining the program
  • You need an experienced person to brainstorm with/bounce ideas off
  • You're a start up or new business and want advice on how to get things moving
  • You prefer a slower pace and don't want an intensive program at this stage
  • You want help with working on a short term goal or project, such as a launch, trade show planning, business pitch etc
  • You want get some insight and pick the brain of someone who knows their shit and has done what you're trying to do
  • You would like to get a different perspective on what you're doing from someone outside your business

What will my coaching on demand session be like?

If it is your first time coaching with me, I will capture some information prior to the session and do a little research on your business/industry, so I am up to speed and ready to maximise the value you get from your time.

Our call will go for up to 90 minutes and takes place via Skype or phone, depending on your preference. I'll ascertain the goals you have for our time together and then we will get to work.

Each session will be different and based completely around your needs - this is bespoke coaching, tailored to exactly what you want.

I take detailed notes during our session, including any follow up work for you to do and email them to you within 24 hours. I will also follow up in the weeks after, to make sure you are keeping on track with goals or action items you set.

I focus on providing solid value, before, during and after your coaching session.

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Sounds great! I want to schedule a session.