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Do you want business coaching that's all about you?


Not group calls or generic training sessions shared with others. Just a 100% focus on exactly what you need to help your business power ahead!

Get coaching that leaves you feeling empowered, motivated and supported

If you want to scale your business FAST - you're in the right place!


Hey, I'm Sue :)

  • I’m an ideas girl
  • A business and marketing strategist
  • An entrepreneur
  • a freelance voiceover artist
  • I started my first business when I was 9
  • I won Hunter Valley Business Woman of the year in 2011
  • I love to travel and explore
  • I’m sure my kids would say I’m a cool mum
  • I’m also an expert procrastinator
  • I sometimes suffer from being time challenged
  • despite that I make shit happen
  • oh and I do have a little bit of a potty mouth
  • I'm also a business coach and I freakin love it!
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If you're here because 

  • You're a small business entepreneur and want help
  • You're feeling stuck and need help scaling up your business
  • You spend way too much of your time reacting to what happens around you, and aren't making tangible progress on your big goals and dreams
  • You're struggling to hold yourself accountable
  • You'd love some unbiased advice and support to help you on your entrepreneurial journey
  • You're feeling alone and unsupported and would love someone to bounce ideas off
  • You have too many ideas and need help to figure out which one will work
  • You want someone to push you to step outside your comfort zone 

Well awesome! You're in the right place, as I'm here to help you have a better business!

I needed help fast with my $80m pitch. You were there and you helped me bring it all together within a very short time.

Your advice and 1:1 coaching helped me build and deliver a stellar presentation that was well received.
— Trisha Fulton

What help do you need?


I have a start up or short term project

Coaching on Demand is perfect if your business is new or you need help with a short term project like a launch or pitch.

Single sessions and discounted session packs are available, so you can get exactly what you need

I've been in business for more than a year and want to level up!

Sounds like 100 Days to a Better Business might be just what you need!

This intensive coaching program is designed to get results - fast!

I'm not sure, can you help me work that out?

Absolutely! Happy to have a quick chat about your business goals and dreams, so I can recommend the best coaching path.

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